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Weekly Poll: All-Star All-Stars

Weekly Poll for 8-03-2009Like most of you, I tend to let a few months pass before I replay a video game.  When I do replay a game, however, I don't always finish it.  I usually return to my favorite parts and skip over the rest if possible.  I can't even count the number of moments over the years where I've completed an especially frustrating part of a game and then think to myself, "Now I never have to play that section again."  Yeah, I'm looking at you, tedious jump-through-the-hoops-over-the-water segment of Star Fox Adventures.

Speaking of replaying games, there's talk that Nintendo's Super Mario All-Stars from the Super NES era may be about to make a reappearance in some way, and personally I'm hoping for a Nintendo DS version that adds some extra content to make re-buying some of the most-purchased games in history worthwhile.  Would you buy a DS release of All-Stars?  Would it take extra content to sway you into picking it up?  Let's hear your thoughts.