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Super Mario 64 Big Band Musical Moment

Mario and Bob-omb If your day is dragging and that clock on the wall just isn't ticking quickly enough, then this track from 2003's Mario & Zelda Big Band Live album will get you moving again.  Japan's Big Band of Rogues kicks off a concert performance with this peppy take on the opening fanfare and  Bob-omb Battlefield overworld themes from Nintendo's classic Nintendo 64 launch title, Super Mario 64.  There's lots of saxophone, some snappy percussion, and plenty of energy to be heard here.  The full CD that this track comes from has some other bright moments and includes songs from related games such as Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (some with Japanese vocals that really seem out of place in what are traditionally instrumental arrangements), but I've always thought that this is best of the lot.  Enjoy!