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Revisiting The Other Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Konami's Metal Gear Solid is known for its thriving Sony PlayStation family of titles, but plenty of people missed out on the franchise's single Game Boy Color installment.  That's not all that surprising.  After all, how could anyone expect a mere Game Boy game to live up to or exceed what the PlayStation titles of the day had to offer.  GameSpite would have you believe that there's more to this adventure from the year 2000 than you might anticipate.

[T]his Metal Gear Solid was more of a true sequel to the original Metal Gear; Big Boss is dead, never having been made into a cyborg or burned to death with hairspray, but his dream lives on through the ambitions of a terrorist group called Black Chamber. The villains have taken up roost in the ruins of the original Outer Heaven fortress, hijacked the latest Metal Gear model, and intend to ransom the world with the aid of a small-time dictator. Despite being on a "kid's system," MGS is arguably darker than its PS1 counterpart: many parallel events in the two stories play out far less happily on Game Boy, including the death of its Otacon cipher and the unhappy personal history between Colonel Campbell and the villains.

The GBC games that were released just before the system stepped aside for the coming of the Game Boy Advance have gone largely ignored when the gaming community looks back at the turn of the century's releases, so the little brother spin-offs of major console games have gone largely overlooked.  Metal Gear Solid, Perfect Dark, and even Conker landed on Nintendo's last iteration of its ancient base hardware, but largely stayed out of the spotlight.  Perhaps its time to revisit those skipped adventures.