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Tux The new slimmer Sony PlayStation 3 doesn't just shed some weight and size compared to its larger counterpart.  Word has it that the slim PS3 lacks a few little things that the original PS3 can do (and we're not talking PS2 backwards compatibility).  Kotaku details that the new PS3 drops the big power switch on the back on the console and the Install Other OS option that allows adventurous gamers to install Linux on the console.

The final change is the removal of the Install Other OS feature, meaning no LINUX installs on the smaller unit. The release states that "The new PS3 system will focus on delivering games and other entertainment content, and users will not be able to install other Operating Systems to the new PS3 system."

While installing Linux on the PS3 is definitely a lesser-used option among the gaming populace, it's always been one of those options that's nice to have (even if I never actually get around to exploring it).  While removing this function won't result in the online outcry that removing other features have sparked over the years, I'm sure there's a group of Linux fans feeling pain over this one.