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Fat Princess Pirates and Ninjas Titan Studios's Fat Princess for the Sony PlayStation 3 has a cast of colorful character classes, but it appears that the development team is hard at work on adding two more to the mix.  Teaser images of pirates and ninjas have appeared at Titan's blog with no additional explanation, but I'd like to believe that stealth and thievery are coming to the game at some point in the future.  More importantly, Titan is aware of the bug in the game that causes the princess to vanish.  That's kind of a problem in a game that's all about rescuing the princess.  She can't be rescued if she's not there!  Titan needs your help to fix the glitch though.

We need your help!  We’re unable to actively reproduce the disappearing princess bug.  If we can’t reproduce it, we can’t fix it.  Yes, we’ve all experienced it, and we think it usually involves the catapult or destructible walls, and it may not happen unless the host has migrated.  Unfortunately, this is one of those things that requires a wicked cocktail of factors in order to manifest, and (usually) fortunately, in the safe, protected confines of the Titan Studios world HQ, said wicked cocktail does not exist.

Senseless rhetoric aside, we would like to appeal to you, the community to help us track her down.  If you are in a game, and the princess disappears, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a photo or screen grab of the mini-map, the score board, and the location on the map where she is supposed to be, including the UI, describe the circumstances under which it happened, and send it all to:


Please write a Fat Princess is Missing subject line.  Feel free to be clever.  Anyway – the person or people that give us the info that help us track her down will get special mention.  Maybe something more.

I've enjoyed Fat Princess, but that disappearance bug seems to strike just about every multiplayer session I join.  I've had to put the game aside because it was just becoming too frustrating to handle.  I'm glad the team is on top of things, but I was hoping this would be a quick fix.  Oh well, I'm patient.  Plus, there'll be pirates and ninjas mixed in, too.