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Mega Man 8, Mega Man: Powered Up Remade In 8-Bit Style?

Mega Man: Powered Down Some would argue that Capcom's classic series of Mega Man games lost some magic when it moved beyond what the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System could offer.  After all, why else would last year's Mega Man 9 have dipped back into the old beloved style?  Even if all new future Mega Man games follow on in the 8-bit tradition, there's still a handful of Mega Man games for more sophisticated hardware such as Mega Man 8 and Mega Man: Powered Up that are forever doomed to being more animated and colorful.  Unless, of course, you turn to the fans who are apparently working on remaking some of these classic games in the NES style.  The same team that turned the Super NES title Mega Man 7 into a NES-type game and is currently giving the same treatment to the Sony PlayStation / Sega Saturn title Mega Man 8, Mend, just may be working on such a project if this sample screenshot of a conceptual NES-style Mega Man: Powered Up (er, Down?) is to be believed, and there's also talk of similar treatments of Mega Man & Bass and the Wily Tower segment of The Wily Wars under consideration.  Considering how closely their Mega Man 7 re/demake hit the mark, I welcome additional adaptations.  I still want to see Mega Man 2: Powered Up, but this will hold me until then.

Here's a taste of Mend's previous work as Mega Man takes on Junk Man in Mega Man 7.

(via Protodude's Rockman Corner)