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Marvel vs Capcom 2 Capcom has officially announced the Marvel vs Capcom 2 retail box for the Sony PlayStation 3 that I mentioned earlier this week, but unfortunately the box contains even less than initially reported.  $15 at GameStop (and only GameStop) will get you the box, a voucher to download the actual game, and another voucher good for one free month of Marvel Digital Comics.  That's all.  No instruction manual.  No Capcom Unity points.  The only tangible keepsake is the empty box itself of which only 15,000 were made. 

Does this seem like a colossal waste of time and resources to anyone else?  There's no point in buying this.  It only exists to give GameStop something related to an eagerly awaited downloadable game to sell in its physical retail locations.  People on the Capcom forums seem to be excited about it just the same for some reason, but I can safely say that I'm off the fence about this one.  Capcom and GameStop are trying to position the box as destined to be a valuable collector item, but the thing that both companies seem to have forgotten is that it's the rare games that command high prices.  Rare games with a box intact are worth more, but nobody has ever paid immense amounts of money for just an empty box. 

(via Kombo)