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Marvel vs Capcom 2 PS3 Retail Box Full Of Freebies

Marvel vs Capcom 2UPDATE: Nevermind. There's nothing worthwhile in the box.

Remember that rumored collector edition of Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the Sony PlayStation 3 that was teased back in JuneIt actually exists.  $14.99 at GameStop snags not a disc, but a box filled with a PlayStation Network download code for the game, an instruction manual, a one-month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, and 2000 Capcom Unity points that are part of Capcom's customer loyalty program.  Considering that the game already costs $14.99 as direct download on PSN, this basically means that taking the time to visit GameStop pays out in freebies.  Whether or not those freebies are worth the trouble is up to you, but I think I'll just kick back in my comfortable recliner and buy direct from PSN.  After all, it's very hot outside and the nearest GameStop is oh so inconveniently far away.

(via Joystiq)