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Concept Art Runs Wild At GameFluid

ClankWhenever those of us in the video game journalism world need some character artwork to accompany an article, we go to the various online media hubs that the many publishers maintain.  These hubs are usually locked with passwords reserved only for media professionals, meaning that if John and Jane Gamer want a decent quality image of Clank holding a really big staff without a pesky third-party watermark in the corner, they're out of luck.  Thankfully, relatively new site GameFluid is establishing a free archive of concept art taken from some of those online media hubs. is all about showcasing original illustrations, in-game screen shots, concept art, development storyboards, and more from the games of past and present to our viewers.

Right now the collection is skewed in favor of the current console generation with an emphasis on titles such as Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Street Fighter, and Soul Calibur, but the place is just getting started.  Check it out the next time a low resolution image that turns out to be 80% GameSpot watermark gets in your way.