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A Boy and His Blob Preorder Bonus Needs Work

Blob stress ball With all of the clever and creative ways this one could have gone down, GameStop / EBGames misses the mark with its preorder incentive for the upcoming Majesco title A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo Wii.  Reserve your copy today and get a free little Blob stress ball squeezey toy.  Don't everyone line up at once now.  MTV's Multiplayer points out how this is a missed opportunity for something much more creative.

A Boy and His Blob is a charming redux of the classic NES game of the same name. It's all hand-drawn and features a button that lets you hug your adorable blob whenever you want. Seriously, that's like the definition of charming.  Less charming is the pre-order bonus that GameStop is dolling out for people who pick up the game. It's basically a stress ball with a face drawn on it.  Now I know I may be nitpicking here, but with a creative game like this, it sometimes takes a little more effort to set itself apart.

Now, Blob is not the kind of AAA+ release that warrants a weapon replica or character statue or other expensive knick-knack to give away.  Realistically, Blob probably will not sell the billion copies needed to financially justify a valuable preorder freebie.  Whatever item is offered will have to be produced cheaply, so chances are we're looking at a regular item with the game's logo or other imagery stamped on it (such as the stress ball with a smiling face).  This is a property that has plenty of creative potential.  Can't some of that potential spill over into the preorder incentive?  How about a bag of the game's classic jellybeans?  At least that's related to the property.  They're tasty, too.