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Nintendo Reveals North American Platinum Rewards

Club Nintendo platinum bonusesFollowing on the tease from a few weeks ago, Nintendo of America's Club Nintendo program is poised to pay out some special goodies for its Platinum and Gold members as a way of saying thanks for spending lots of money on Nintendo products over the past year.  So what sorts of things does the club have in store?  Platinum members have a choice between a special downloadable edition of Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii in which hero Little Mac takes on trainer Doc Louis, or a wearable replica of Mario's signature plumber's cap.  Gold members have no choice and must take a desk calendar.

Considering that this is Nintendo of America's first time around the block offering premium goodies to loyal customers, the available options are kind of neat.  I can't decide if I should take the Punch-Out!! game that I'll only play once or twice before it becomes something that takes up Wii memory blocks or the hat that I'll wear once in front of the mirror for novelty purposes and then put on a shelf.  Don't misunderstand me here; I'm not complaining about the options.  Both items are nice bonuses.  They just happen to be bonuses with limited replay value.