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Nintendo Has Not Abandoned Virtual Console

Wii Shop ChannelYou may have seen a quote from Nintendo during your Internet travels lately that basically explains how the company has chosen to discontinue new releases to the Wii's Virtual Console library to instead focus on more WiiWare and DSiWare.  Shock!  Just like that the curtain fell on VC releases of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Smash Bros., and other anticipated titles destined for an eventual re-emergence.  You can relax now, as over at Kombo we've gone straight to the source to find out what's really up with the future of the Virtual Console.

The next part took a bit longer, but I received word back from Nintendo of America's senior director of public relations, Charlie Scibetta:

Each week Nintendo makes available a mix of Virtual Console, WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare games. Combined, these services currently provide gamers with hundreds of fun and interesting downloadable games to choose from. There is no preset schedule as to how many games will become available in a given week, but many more are on the way via all of these digital delivery systems.

And there we have it, the official word from Nintendo of America. True, it doesn't exactly tell us anything particularly concrete, but as established before, that is the nature of the beast.

However, that doesn't mean that there is nothing positive to take away from the statement, as it sounds as though Nintendo still plans to support the Virtual Console service. Furthermore, there is no definitive statement about the service's seeming demise, thus at least leaving room for hope.

As much as I cheer for the Virtual Console's future, I have to admit that it's been a long time since I've purchased anything from it.  With all of my old hardware still fully functional and connected to my television, I can grab Super Mario World from my shelf and play it the old fashioned way whenever I want, plus I've already bought the VC versions of most the games I missed out on originally (such as the TurboGrafx-16 Bonk trilogy).  Whenever Nintendo decides to release something I really want on the service that I don't already own, I'll gladly kick over my $5 or $8 again.  Until then, I wait...