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Mother 3 Fan Translation Updated To v1.1

CattlesnakeRemember when a dedicated team of translators, programmers, and EarthBound / Mother fans translated the third installment in the trilogy, Mother 3 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, from Japanese into English?  You never got around to playing the translated version of the game, did you?  Shame on you!  However, your procrastination has been rewarded, as the English patch of the game has been updated to what the team is calling Version 1.1.  What's new?


  • All known typos have been fixed
  • Most known glitches, bugs, issues, and errors have been fixed

NOTE: Yes, saves from the 1.0 translation are fully compatible with the 1.1 translation.

Translating the original game for a free release was impressive enough, but going back and ironing out the little kinks and glitches is especially admirable.  Thank you, team, for bringing this game to the English-speaking world.  Your continued efforts are certainly appreciated.