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Mega Man X3 For Sega Genesis Tries Hard, Bless Its Heart

Mega Man X3 bootleg Bootleg video games are nothing new, but sometimes an unofficial game featuring an unlicensed property actually comes sort of close the original.  Consider the story of Mega Man X3, a game that Capcom released for the Super NES, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC back in 1996.  With the Sega Genesis left out of the fun, the pirates aspired to the challenge of creating a watered down version of the game for Sega's 16-bit entry in the console race.  How does the bootleg compare to the original Super NES version?  YouTube comes to the rescue thanks to MegaMan 52.

Compared to other bootlegs, the Genesis version of Mega Man X3 actually manages to match enough of the source material to at least resemble the official release. It's not a substitute for the real game, of course, but I think it's admirable that software pirates cared enough to put some effort into their project's development.  The controls are a mess, but at least the visuals are close.

(via Protodude's Rockman Corner)