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Koopaling Comeback Covered

Ludwig von Koopa After being denied a proper reintroduction several years ago in Super Princess Peach, Bowser's original seven children, the Koopalings, are returning for New Super Mario Bros. Wii later this year.  Never one to overlook the reappearance of classic Nintendo lore, Kombo's Lucas DeWoody has taken a moment to offer praise to the heirs of the Koopa throne in the form of a brief historical profile that spans coverage of several entertainment mediums.  Larry, Morton Jr., Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig are coming back at long last*.

Beyond Super Mario World, Bowser's seven children were forgotten by Nintendo altogether. They made a brief appearance in the little known SNES Super Scope game Yoshi's Safari, and were heavily featured in the Nintendo Power published "Super Mario Adventures"comic serial (the only time to date that time their official personalities were use in full effect) but that was it. Once Mario transitioned into the 3D era with the N64, the proverbial red button was hit and the Koopa children were unofficially ret-conned out of the franchise altogether. They were left out of all the endless spin-off titles that began spawning soon thereafter, which is all the more sad because who couldn't have imagined them in Mario Party or Mario Kart?

It's anybody's guess as to why Nintendo chose to drop the Koopalings from Mario's later adventures, but it's nice to see them back.  The kids are much more interesting characters than Bowser's eighth child, Bowser Jr., who is just a younger variation of the turtle king.  The seven kids have distinct appearances and personalities that the generic youngest son has never been able to top despite having the modern technological advantages of speech and animation behind him. 

* Yes, I typed those names in order from memory.  Some things one just does not forget.  Alternatively: Iggy, Morton Jr., Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy, and Larry.