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Dante's Inferno Comic-Con Contest Is Wrong On Several Levels

Dante's Inferno UPDATE: EA allegedly responds.

Electronic Arts is hard at work on the upcoming Dante's Inferno for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and while the game won't be with us for a while, the marketing department is already drumming up some attention for the game.  Comic-Con is happening this week in California, and since the event is populated by the target demographic, EA is taking advantage of the situation with a contest to bring awareness to Dante's quest.  What's the prize?  Why, a date with a Comic-Con booth babe.  Yes, now you can win an evening with women paid to wine and dine with you.  Ah, romance.  But wait!  There's more!

Winners will receive a dinner with our Go to Hell girls, limo service, paparazzi, and a chest full of booty.

Wow, a contest giving away a woman's chest and booty!  How do I enter to win such a laudable prize?

All they have to do to enter is commit acts of lust with a booth babe and tell us about it. Every entry counts, so long as it makes it to us by the end of Friday, so make sure to get your entries in as soon as possible!

You heard EA, folks.  Go and be lusty with a booth babe.  They love it when random guys do that, and every entry counts, so be sure to commit multiple acts of inappropriate behavior.  I'm surprised that EA hasn't thought this through.  Encouraging this kind of behavior isn't going to end well for anyone.  Between this promotion and the fake protest against Dante's Inferno that EA staged back at E3, I'd say that the marketing department group tasked with sparking Dante awareness is aiming for a spot on the list of dumb moments in gaming promotional history.  It's a shame that Dante's introduction to the general public is unfolding like this.  From what I saw at E3, Inferno is shaping up to be a hell of a game (no pun intended), and it really does not need to be dragged down by these ill-conceived publicity stunts.