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Complicated Ratchet and Clank Preorders Begin

Insomniac Moon The next installment of the Ratchet and Clank saga, A Crack in Time, is headed for a November release, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until then to order the game.  A variety of retailers in North America are offering different preorder incentive packages, meaning that you have some difficult choices to make regarding which bonus you want and where you want to buy the game.  The PlayStation Blog breaks it all down for us (flow chart not included).

Discovery Package – Explore the Insomniac Moon, a special level that resembles the layout of the Insomniac Games’ offices! Scattered through this museum-like level, you will discover a moon’s worth of extra content that didn’t quite make it into the game.

Power Package –The Power package includes an exclusive weapon skin for one of Ratchet’s weapons. You will also start the game with extra hit points, and Ratchet’s brand new Cryo Mine Glove, a weapon that freezes enemies! (This pre-order program goes into effect over the next few weeks.)

Bolt Package – The thrifty gamer will find lots to love in this exclusive Bolt Package! Start the game with two of Ratchet’s most bolt-centric power-ups — the Bolt Magnetizer and Box Basher, and you will discover your galactic bank account has already loaded with 5,000 bolts when you start the game.

Space Package – The Space Package offers an exclusive hotrod skin for Ratchet’s ship, the Aphelion. You also will start with 5,000 bolts as well as an exclusive Ratchet & Clank PlayStation Home Avatar Skin!

Sounds great, right?  In a perfect world we could preorder anywhere and choose which bonus we want, but instead you'll have to hit GameStop for the Discovery Package, Best Buy for the Power Package, Amazon for the Bolt Package, and Game Crazy for the Space Package.  Got all that?  Dividing up the bonuses in this manner is completely ridiculous.  Personally, I'm inclined to go for the Discovery Package.  I'd much rather have a new area to explore rather than a character costume or bolt bonus.  Still, let's see the all of the bonuses on the PlayStation Network as downloadable content by the end of the year, alright?