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Dancing ZombiePlenty of people have been enjoying PopCap's Plants vs Zombies for PC and Mac since it released in May 2009, but today it's gaining some extra attention due to a joke character that has gone from being a cute gag to being in very poor taste in the past day.  Consider the sad plight of the Dancing Zombie, an undead fellow who looks a lot like the recently deceased Michael JacksonWikipedia defines the character for us.

There is a zombie type named Dancing Zombie, whose appearance resembles Michael Jackson from the music video Thriller. He summons an army of backup dancer zombies, while the game's almanac entry for Dancing Zombie states "Any resemblance between Dancing Zombie and persons living or dead is merely coincidental", both references to the music video.

How long until PopCap patches the Dancing Zombie into someone a little less retroactively inappropriate?  Or does it ultimately not matter?  After all, the Dancing Zombie disclaimer clearly states that any resemblance with anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. 

(via Reddit)