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Weekly Poll: Summer Heat

Weekly Poll for 6-15-2009Five dollars is a popular maximum for what most of you are willing to pay for downloadable content, but I have to admit that my sliding scale tops out around ten dollars, and even then I can be persuaded to pay a little more.  The most expensive DLC I've ever purchased is Big Surf Island for Burnout Paradise, but typically I try to keep my after-game costs down.  So much DLC turns out to be a bust in the end.  I'm looking at you, frustrating challenge levels for Sonic Unleashed that didn't live up to my expectations.  Then there's paid DLC that should have been in the original game.  Hello to you, Street Fighter IV's extra character costumes.

Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere which means plenty of heat and lots of air conditioners turned up to overdrive.  As hot and humid as it gets in my corner of the world, I do my best to stay indoors during this time of year which means I tend to spend more of my spare time gaming.  How about you?  Do you play more games in the summer or less compared to the rest of the year?  Let's hear your thoughts.