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Weekly Poll / In Search Of...: Storage Solutions

Weekly Poll for 6-22-2009It would seem that warmer weather doesn't impact the playing time of the majority of you out there.  As for me, living in the grand humid heat as I do, I try to avoid being outside at all.  I fall apart quickly in the presence of the afternoon sun, so I turn my weakness into a strength and spend more time in front of the air conditioner vent.  I can't wait until cooler weather comes and I can open a window at home without choking on the incoming moisture.

Moving on, exactly one month ago today* I moved out of the one-bedroom apartment I'd lived in for the last ten years and into a comparatively larger two-bedroom townhouse in a nicer part of town.  This gives me some extra space for my toys home entertainment equipment, particularly for storage.  I now have an entire walk-in closet to keep my video games, movies, and other forms of media that come on cartridges or discs.  Unfortunately, this means I need a new storage solution for my beloved game cartridges.  My first thought was to simply pick up a trendy game pak rack from the golden age of 16-bit gaming on eBay or Amazon's marketplace, but I cannot find any that are in good condition for a fair price.  I'm not going to pay $60 for someone's cracked plastic rack that has MARCUS written all over it in permanent marker.  This led me to wondering how all of you out there store your games.  Are they in a random pile?  Stacked on a shelf?  Arranged carefully in alphabetical order in a professionally lit custom storage case?  Let's hear about how you keep your games in good condition, and if you know where I can find a snappy-looking storage rack for my beloved Nintendo games, please let me know.  I cannot tolerate the random pile method for much longer (even if it is a neatly arranged random pile).

* Yes, I moved two days before leaving for Los Angeles to attend E3.  That was a very busy week.