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E3 2009: Video Games Live Debuts Mega Man Medley (Plus: Other Greatest Hits)

Video Games Live at The Greek Theater, Los Angeles - June 4, 2009 Some of the Kombo crew wrapped up E3 week with an evening of Video Games Live, the fantastic symphonic concert that performs classic video game themes combined with video footage of the games in question.  Greatest hits from the likes of Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Final Fantasy, and Castlevaniawere performed for a rocking house at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, but the big moment of the evening was the debut of a medley of Mega Manmusic.  YouTube is loaded with VGL clips of dubious quality, but here's a decent enough audio recording of the Mega Man segment:

While Mega Man certainly provoked cheers and excitement in the audience, there were some other songs that generated plenty of energy.  Here's a few more clips that feature some of my favorite segments of the evening.

Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross

Super Mario World

Final Fantasy VII ("One Winged Angel")

Metroid, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Halo

The VGL team puts on a great show and you are hereby ordered to attend the next time they tour near your town. They also have a CD of their greatest hits, but being there in person is much better.