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Stripes: The Video GameHarold Ramis has directed, written, and starred in plenty of memorable movies during his career, and with work on Ghostbusters: The Video Game behind him, one might wonder which other of his films he might want to adapt into an interactive format.  During an interview with the Associated Press, he had this to say:

Ramis is open to future virtual versions of some of his other films.

"A 'Stripes' first-person shooter could be interesting," he says.

I can just imagine driving the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle through the backroads of Czechoslovakia while blasting through barricades and mowing down enemy soldiers before opening the doors and deploying on foot in order to rescue my squadron who were being held behind enemy lines.  Or, if a story remake is too retro, we could always do a new plot that tracks the military careers of protagonists Winger and Ziske.  Perhaps we could rejoin their saga when Capt. Stillman returns from the weather station in Alaska thirsty for revenge.  Prepare yourself for Stripes II: The Reckoning

(Oh, and the interview also mentions that Ramis was approached to direct the film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. back in the early 1990s, but I found the joking notion of a Stripes game the more interesting angle of the two.)

(via Game|Life)