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Nathan Spencer and Nathan Drake The latest video game franchise to want to become a big Hollywood film is the Naughty Dog-developed Sony PlayStation 3 hit Uncharted: Drake's Fortune as producer Avi Arad plots to bring Nathan Drake to the big screen.  The Hollywood Reporter has the log line for the proposed movie.

The story follows a descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake, a treasure hunter named Nate Drake who believes he has learned the whereabouts of El Dorado, the fabled South American golden city, from a cursed golden statue. The search becomes competitive when a rival hunter joins the fray, then is ratcheted up several notches when creatures -- actually mutated descendants of Spaniards and Nazis -- begin attacking those hoping to learn the treasure's true secrets.

There's potential for an interesting and entertaining film there, but it's coming up just short of the mark.  I read the line about mutated Nazis and suddenly a brilliant idea popped into my head.  This movie needs another Nathan: Nathan Spencer, the bionic commando.  The two heroes team up to put a stop to a revived Master D and his Imperials who are searching for El Dorado.  They can call the whole thing Bionic Commando: Uncharted and then develop a hell of a tie-in game.  You would see that movie.  Admit it.  I know I would.

If they do make that movie, I want an "Inspired By" credit.

(via Ain't It Cool News)