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Time To Settle Michael Jackson / Sonic 3 Theory Once And For All

Sonic the Hedgehog 3Do you remember when I said that we need answers and stories about our favorite video games confirmed and recorded before the people involved with them are no longer around?  Well, now that Michael Jackson has passed away, there is one less person to settle the burning rumor that he composed some of the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3.  A piece of gaming development history may well be lost now because someone didn't take the time to write down what may have been seen by some as inconsequential details.  Now, if Jackson was involved with the game, he certainly didn't work on it in a vacuum, so there's still a chance for us to learn a piece of the story from the others that may have been involved.  With his passing, I think the time has come to settle the rumor once and for all and hear the real story, if any, behind his work on the soundtrack.  I'll leave you with what I said previously on the subject which, from my perspective, seems more relevant today than it did when I originally said it.

Gaming as an art form and source of entertainment is so young compared to other forms of media, so I think we're at a unique point in time where it's still possible to capture most of the little stories behind our favorite games before the people who were involved with them grow old and pass on. Think of how little we know from the dawn of cinema because people thought the little details were not worth preserving. Now, Michael Jackson's link to Sonic 3 may seem unimportant now, but in fifty years or so it could be one of the great unanswered questions of the early gaming era. We need to get these answers and stories recorded for posterity before it's too late.