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Ghostbusters II We've all seen Vigo The Carpathian's painting in the firehouse of Ghostbusters: The Video Game by now, so I'd like to take a moment and put to rest a common complaint that I've seen on the Internet over the past week.  As you'll recall, at the end of Ghostbusters II the team defeated Vigo, resulting in his sinister portaint being replaced with a much more upbeat image of the Ghostbusters and baby Oscar.  Now some people are wondering why Vigo's restored portrait is on display in the new game when it was apparently destroyed two years earlier.

Now, I'm not scriptwriters Dan Aykroyd or Harold Ramis, but as I've done previously for this sort of issue, I'd like to offer a simple theory to end this discussion: why should the painting destroyed by the Ghostbusters at the end of the second film be the only painting of Vigo in existence?  Perhaps the Carpathian warlock simply relocated to a second painting, a painting that the Ghostbusters found and have stored in their headquarters for safe keeping prior to the events of the video game.  It amuses me how people can suspend their disbelief to accept the presence of a massive man made of marshmallow rampaging through Times Square, but the presence of a simple painting is one step beyond the line.  I love overthinking my favorite fiction as much as any other fan, but sometimes we just have to accept certain facts.  Vigo must have commissioned more than one portrait of himself.  Q.E.D.