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E3 2009: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Hands-On Preview At Kombo

Ghostbusters: The Video GameSometimes being a part of the video gaming media has its perks.  Last week at E3 I had the opportunity to stand next to Ecto-1, wear a proton pack, and (probably most relevant to you) take all the time I wanted to explore the final Sony PlayStation 3 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.  My time with the game led me back to the Sedgewick Hotel in search of runaway Slimer, and my thoughts on the experience have been published over at Kombo.

Sandwiched between all of this tracking and trapping are appearances from the original four Ghostbusters as they instruct the new rookie character (e.g. you, the player) on what to do. They also banter amongst themselves, offering criticisms and comments that tie back into the events from the two Ghostbusters films. For instance, Bill Murray's Peter Venkman is reluctant to pursue Slimer in the hotel by himself, as the last time he did so he wound up on the ground and covered in slime. There are many of these little touches and gags throughout the levels that I played and I wouldn't dare spoil them for you. Half the fun of the dialog comes from hearing it spoken by the original cast of the films.

If my E3 experiences had a theme this year, it was definitely Ghostbusters.  I very nearly went to the Blu-ray premiere of the original movie one evening where director Ivan Reitman was set to attend and answer questions from the audience, but I wound up passing on it.  I couldn't convince any of my Kombo co-workers to go with me, and walking around downtown Los Angeles at 3:00 in the morning alone didn't seem to be the best idea.