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Amazon Corrects "Slimer Edition" Ghostbusters Box Art

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Slimer Edition)The release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game has come and gone in North America, but Amazon isn't finished offering goodies for it.  The company sent out an e-mail to customers who bought the limited "Slimer Edition" of the game to apologize for a tremendous oversight: the box art that shipped with the game was not the actual "Slimer Edition" artwork.  Oops.  Amazon wants to make it right, however, so they're offering a PDF download of the special Slimer artwork to print and slip into the Ghostbusters case.

The Amazon Video Games team thanks you for your order of Ghostbusters the Video Game Exclusive Slimer Edition . It has come to our attention that the box art on the Exclusive Slimer Edition was the same as the standard edition, and not what we had pictured on the website. The Exclusive Slimer Edition box art is now available in the form of a PDF, which you can download and print out.

Was anyone losing any sleep over this?  Still, it's a nice gesture from the company.  It'd be even nicer if the art didn't say "This image does not reflect the final package" on the front of the box. 

This image does not reflect the final package

Personally, I'll just stick with the non-Slimer art that originally came with the game.  The disc itself is identical to the standard retail release, so without special built-in Slimerness, it seems a bit ridiculous to swap out the art.  Still, thanks to Amazon for going the extra mile on this one.