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Weekly Poll: Prime Time Redux

Weekly Poll for 5-18-2009There's some guarded optimism in the air as E3 2009 draws closer and closer, and honestly, I'm right there with you.  My expectations are a little more grounded this year after last year's comparatively disappointing event.  I'm ready to be completely amazed, but am also prepared to only be mildly impressed.  If you're curious as to how much my expectations have changed, consider this: the Kombo appointment slot with Nintendo falls during the hour I'll have to be over at NBC to use my tickets for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and I'm siding with Conan over demos of Wii Sports Resort and Metroid Prime Trilogy.  Even if Nintendo surprises us all with, say, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario will be back soon enough, but there's only one chance to see Conan's second episode of The Tonight Show

Speaking of Metroid Prime Trilogy, have you seen that announcement yet?  All three Metroid Prime games are coming back on a single disc for the Nintendo Wii with motion control and visual enhancements added to the first two Prime games.  What are your thoughts on this impending release?  Is it an amazing value or an unwanted rehash?  Let's hear your thoughts.