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We Still Need Mega Man 2: Powered Up

Mega Man Spare me the sob story of how Capcom's Mega Man: Powered Up for the Sony PlayStation Portable didn't sell well enough to justify a sequel.  While I initially had my doubts about the Powered Up concept, the finished product made me a convert to the cutesy remake of the original Nintendo Entertainment System game, but the idea just feels incomplete without Powered Up iterations of the beloved Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.  With the rumored PSP Go's emphasis on digital distribution over struggling retail sales, the time has never been better for sequels.  Doubt me?  Maybe this fan art of reimagined updates of the next two sets of Robot Masters will change your mind.  Heat Man, Quick Man, Top Man, and Shadow Man have never been so adorable.

Mega Man 2: Powered Up

Mega Man 3: Powered Up

(via Gaming Rocks On, although I can't find the original source for the artwork)