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Wii Balance BoardIs anyone else getting the sinking feeling that Nintendo's E3 media briefing will once again skew ultra-casual?  That shouldn't be a surprise by now, and there's still every chance something worthwhilefor the core gamers will come out of the event, but in the meantime we're bombarded by news of a planned Wii Fit sequel of some sort, Wii Fit Plus, as well as what seems to be an art-based title called Art Academy which, personally, conjures up images of the old Mario Paint, but I doubt we'll be that lucky.  Joystiq talks trademarks.

Nintendo's core needs a workout, but it looks like the company may be planning to pump up its casual audience even more at next week's E3 with Wii Fit Plus. Originally uncovered in April via purported retailer listings, the game's title has been officially trademarked by Nintendo in Japan. Heck, there's even a logo for the game. Since the month-old rumor has borne fruit in terms of an accurate title, we're more likely to believe the November 2009 release date it claimed.

Also trademarked by the Big N is Art Academy, a previously unheard -of title with no target platform mentioned. Detailed drawing would seem to lend itself more to DS, though we can't help but imagine a game in the vein of Wii Music in which players "paint" great works of art -- the Mona Lisa, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -- simply by waggling the Wiimote around.

Wii Fit Plus for the casuals and Metroid Prime Trilogy for the cores.  Hmm, OK; what else ya got?  Too dismissive of me?  Certainly, but I didn't get to be this way overnight.