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Who Are These Punch-Out!! People?

Majesco Apparently Planning DJ Mama? (Or: Mama's Buying The Booze)

Rapping Mama She can cook, but did you know that Mama can spin out some mad beats?  The star of the Cooking Mama series of games is breaking out into new territory with the help of her trusty turntable.  You see this official artwork of Mama in mid-jam and probably assume that she's about to star in DJ Mama, but let me put you at ease by explaining that this is just part of a party invitation for E3 media attendees to get loaded at an open bar, get funky with house music, and play the upcoming Cooking Mama 3.  I've always questioned the wisdom of plying the press with large amounts of free alcohol while shoving a demo into their hands, but who am I to go against the natural order of things?  Besides, Mama is just so cute when she's rocking the house with her twin turntables.  Mama's party may have an open bar, but will it have a party monkey?  Doubtful.