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Homer Simpson's Teabag Taunt

Homer and Marge Simpson play Xbox I love it when my favorite television shows integrate video gaming elements into their storylines, so I can't help sharing this brief clip from last night's new "Waverly Hills 9021-D'oh" episode of The Simpsons in which Homer moves to a 50 sq. ft. apartment for elementary school districting reasons, gets a Microsoft Xbox, and enjoys a spirited game of what appears to be a Halo knock-off/parody. Take a look at Homer's victory taunt.

Yes, it's low brow humor, but I do like how Homer welcomed Marge into his little world. It's easy for the writers behind The Simpsons to depict Homer as a selfish jerkass, and goodness knows it's even easier to paint gamers as immature morons, so when I saw Homer holding a game controller, I expected the worst. Inviting Marge to play is a simple little throwaway gag, but it does do a little to show gamers in a positive light after breaking out the teabagging gag.