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Ghostbusters Becomes Sony-Exclusive In Europe

Peter VenkmanDoesn't anyone want to publish Ghostbusters: The Video Game?  After being dropped by Activision and scooped up by Atari, the European rights to the game have now been passed to Sony Computer Entertainment itself which still plans to release the game on time in June, albeit as a PlayStation-exclusive title across all Sony platforms (including an eventual PlayStation Portable version - where'd that come from?).  Versions for the PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS will follow later in the year from Atari. has the shocking news.

Atari has said that with Sony publishing the title, the game will reach a wider audience on release.  "Atari is committed to maximising the launch of the Ghostbusters video game across Europe," offered Jim Wilson, VP of Worldwide Marketing for Atari. "In partnership with both Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, we have a unique opportunity to add new game products and expand marketing opportunities to reach Ghostbusters fans in Europe."

To be honest, I was always a little surprised that Sony failed to pick up the rights to the game from Activision and reclaim what was essentially its own in-house licensed property.  Note that this deal seems to apply only to the European release of the game; the North American launch is still (as far as I know) on track for all previously announced platforms.  The big question here is about why Atari would sell the European publishing rights to Sony.  Does Atari believe that there is not much profit to be had by publishing in Europe?  Did Sony offer them more money for the rights than they believed the game would generate?  Either way, it's a shame to see Ghostbusters fans planning to buy the Nintendo or Microsoft versions of the game caught in the middle of this licensing deal.  It's unnatural.  No human being would publish games like this.