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Capcom Goes The Extra Mile With Tatsunoko

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars So, once upon a time there was a licensed character crossover game called Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars in which characters from popular Capcom gaming properties and Tatsunoko anime properties met to pound on one another in the grand tradition of Marvel vs Capcom and Capcom vs SNK.  It was released in Japan in the arcades and for the Nintendo Wii, and audiences enjoyed it.  Meanwhile, across the sea in North America, fans of the various Tatsunoko properties clamored for a domestic release, but while the Tatsunoko properties were owned by a single entity in Japan, those properties were held by several different companies, meaning that a North American release was highly unlikely due to the complicated licensing arrangements that would need to be handled.  Never say never though, as this story may yet have a happy ending.  Kotaku reports on a Nintendo Power tease that the game may yet become available from sea to shining sea, and with newly added online multiplayer as well, according to the rumor mill.

The Japanese version of the game shipped without it (you could only play against other humans on the same console). Which may cut it in Japan, but in the West, a fighter without online multiplayer just isn't going to cut it.

Which is why Capcom are looking into it. Producer Ryota Niitsuma has told Nintendo Power "We listened to feedback from our fans and marketing/sales teams in other territories in order to implement new features into the game this time around".

I imagine this game could be a hard sell in the United States.  Is there enough of an awareness of the Tatsunoko properties here to justify releasing the game?  For those of you like me who have no idea what Tatsunoko owns, their stable includes Yattaman, Gatchaman, Karas, The Genie Family, and Tekkaman, among others.  Yes, those seemingly random combinations of letters actually mean quite a lot to certain people.  If Tatsunoko vs Capcom were to bring in the domestic Wii owners, I'd imagine it would be because of the Capcom characters represented in the game.  After all, where else are we going to see new adventures for Viewtiful Joe and Rock Volnutt if not in this game?  Yes, more popular characters like Ryu and Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame are along for the ride, too.  If Capcom is going to tinker with the game, why not add some more Capcom characters?  This is a perfect time to add, say, Nathan Spencer of Bionic Commando to the action.  If they're going all-out to capture the narrow demographic interested in this game, let's really do it right.