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Atari Flees E3, Takes Ghostbusters With It

GhostbustersCan we hurry things up and get Ghostbusters: The Video Game into stores before some other bad luck event strikes it?  Rumor has it that the game's publisher (well, North American publisher), Atari, has decided to pull out of next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, taking the eagerly awaited Ghostbusters with it.  Joystiq has the scant details.

We contacted the ESA, which runs E3 and still has Atari listed as an exhibitor, to see if the organization had received a check from Atari for the space on the show floor and meeting room -- the ESA referred all media calls to Atari. We contacted Atari and asked several direct questions regarding its E3 status -- and whether it has paid for the space it reserved. A company representative could only confirm that it will not attend the show and did not have any press events planned for LA during E3. We've been told that we should expect a more detailed answer sometime soon.

Is anyone else starting to wonder if Atari is running out of money?  It would explain why the company passed the European publishing rights to the PlayStation versions of the game on to Sony Computer Entertainment.  If money is scarce right now, I'd rather Atari use that they have left to actually release the game as opposed to spending their last dollar to promote it at E3.  Granted, I'm disappointed that the game will not be at the show, but it'll be out in stores two weeks after the event.  I've waited this long to play it, so a little extra time won't kill me.