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3D Realms Closes Shop

Duke Nukem Forever How long can a video game stay in development before it must be released or else the developer shuts down?  Just shy of twelve years, apparently, as 3D Realms has announced it is closing up shop and laying off employees.  Their flagship product, Duke Nukem Forever, has been in the works for more than a decade now.  Gosh, why do you think they went under?  Gamasutra has the story.

Formed over twenty years ago as Apogee Software and located in Garland, Texas, 3D Realms was privately owned and run by Scott Miller and George Broussard. It served as developer of the three main Duke Nukem games and as publisher of many more.

For more than a decade, 3D Realms has notoriously been working on various iterations of games and as publisher of many more. Duke Nukem Forever, its sequel to the classic FPS Duke Nukem 3D. Forever was announced in 1997, and saw repeated delays. In the last few years, news about the game began to emerge more frequently, and small screenshots and development tidbits were occasionally released.

Snark aside, I hate to see them go.  When the company did get around to releasing a finished product, the result was something as entertaining as it was intriguing.  Duke Nukem 3D was a mindblowing evolution of the likes of Doom and Blake Stone back in the days of PC shareware.  By the way, if you're worried that the end of 3D Realms also sinks the previously announced Duke Nukem Trilogy for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable, you can relax.  Publisher Deep Silver has issued a statement that development on that title continues.  Here's hoping they can get it out the door within a decade.