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Ghostbusters II jumpsuit I'm going to stick with my Slimer Edition preorder of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, but this alternative goodie package that comes with preordering the game from GameStop has one item that has me jealous.  Yeah, there's a t-shirt, but that's not what I have my eye on.  Behold, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 owners: the Ghostbusters II in-game jumpsuit variant!  Yes, now you, the rookie, can don the darker color scheme and logo associated with the revamped costumes from the second Ghostbusters film.  Kombo has me slime-green with envy.

In that regard, there's sort of a trade-off-- at least for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, as they are the only ones who can get the exclusive in-game Ghostbusters 2 Flight Suit. "The new suit updates your ghost busting look for the rigorous fashion standards of 1991, is more breathable than ever, and makes a statement of individuality without saying a word," GameStop says, adding "This feature is available in single player and multiplayer modes."

The original jumpsuits are a timeless classic, but I have a soft spot for the sequel's costumes (fine, I have a soft spot for just about everything Ghostbusters).  I know that it's such a little thing that it shouldn't matter, but I think it's fantastic that the developers made the effort to include such a neat little useless-yet-stylish addition to the game (even if it's kept under GameStop's lock and key).  Any chance the rest of us can pick this up as downloadable content?  I'm in for a dollar...