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Weekly Poll: Vid-Wii-o

Weekly Poll for 4-06-2009There's not much interest in a Nintendo Wii remote style of controller for the Sony PlayStation 3.  As for me, I have mixed opinions.  While there are third-party Wii games that I think would look fantastic with HD visuals, too many Wii games use the motion controls as a crutch to justify their existence.  On the PS3 side of things, the DualShock 3 / Sixaxis controller has a nice combination of traditional controls and occasional motion gimmickry.  If a PS3 remote can be done properly and supported by appropriate games, I'd like to see what developers can create.  However, if all we're going to get out of the deal is more Rayman Raving Rabbids, then I'll pass, thanks.

Speaking of rumored technology, word began to circulate last week that Nintendo is working on a video service of some kind for the Wii and DS.  Do you have any interest in such a service?  Granted that we don't know much about it yet, but there's always room for speculation.  Let's hear your thoughts.