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To Speed And Protect In Paradise City

Burnout ParadiseBurnout Paradise continues to grow in size and scope as developer Criterion Games finds new cars and gameplay modes to add to the game via the wonders of downloadable content.  Not content to slow down now, a teaser trailer for the upcoming Cops and Robbers addition has appeared on YouTube.  Police cars are shown screaming through Paradise City in search of stolen gold, lights flashing and sirens blaring.  This week's Criterion Games CrashTV video podcast goes into a little extra detail, but ultimately doesn't say much more. 

The extra Burnout content as been a mixed bag so far, but I like the idea of high speed pursuits.  Eightnew Trophies for the PS3 version have already been added to the list of objectives seen when comparing your accomplishments against those of a friend (check 'em out for yourself), so we must be getting close to the release date (word on the street is April 30).  Note that this new add-on turns most of the existing Burnout Paradise vehicles into police-based variations.  If I had my way, I'd chase down the robbers in the deputized Hunter Manhattan Spirit (read: Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters).  I ain't 'fraid of no robber.