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Katamari Forever Remember that new Katamari Damacy Tribute for the Sony PlayStation that was announced a while ago?  It's taken on a new title outside of Japan as Katamari Forever featuring new adventures for the Prince of All Cosmos, 1080p visuals with new graphical filters, quirky music, and stars Jim Carrey as The Riddler.  Here's the new trailer:

I have to agree with the giraffe: I want it now!  There's something very pure about the Katamari experience that most other games striving to be as unique have no hope of capturing.  Don't miss the tease about rolling up entire continents and planets in a bid to manually create your own galaxy.  Creating your own galaxy is all the rage this console generation, it seems.

I apologize for raising the specter of Batman Forever with the Jim Carrey joke.

(via Kombo)