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Play Them Mushroom Kingdom Ragtime Blues

Mario at the keyboard Playing classic video game tunes on the piano for the benefit of Internet critics everywhere is becoming somewhat of a standard occurrence these days, so today's example isn't so much about the performance of ragtime pianist Tom Brier (which is quite good, don't get me wrong), but more about the little scene crafted by MetaFilter commenter Loquacious that I believe pairs up with Brier's rendition of the timelessly famous and forever memorable Super Mario Bros. 2 overworld theme.  Hit the Play button this YouTube video to establish the proper mood and then read on...

I'm having this cool daydream right now. I'm back in 1900 or so, visiting in my time machine, blending in with the population in costume. I slip into a respectable tavern for a sandwich and a cold one. They have a good piano and it attracts good players. Everything is appropriately old-timey and then...

Suddenly I recognize the music and no matter how much I want to keep my cool I'm flabbergasted - compelled to turn and stare at whomever is playing that damn song. I've blown it. He knows I'm a time traveler, and I suspect he is too. He flashes me the universal two-handed gesture of holding a d-pad controller and mashing buttons, and I'm out of there. I knew it. Fucking time cops.

I can relate.  If I had access to a time machine I would make a point of scattering my favorite video gaming music throughout history, paradoxes be damned.