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Nearly Every Ghostbusters Game In Seven Easy Bites

GhostbustersYes, this is another Ghostbusters article, but it's not about the new game coming out in June.  No, right now we're going to dip into the past and have a look at most of the previous games released to bear the name of everyone's favorite paranormal investigators and eliminators.  I give you your tour guide on this magical history tour, 1UP's Bob Mackey, and his seven-part series of Retro Revival Retrospective articles.

Bob hit the major titles, but missed out on the Ghostbusters II game for Amiga, MS-DOS, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC as well as the dismal Atari 2600 take on the second film.  It's strange how the last great Ghostbusters game was actually David Crane's business simulator / action adventure title.  We've come through some dark days since then, but hope and marshmallow are on the horizon.