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In Which I Become King Hippo

King HippoAre you ready for the Little Mac attack?  Nintendo's modern revival of Punch-Out!! is still a month and a half away from release in North America, but that's not stopping the official tie-in merchandise from springing up for ordering. has a listing for something called the Heavyweight Contender Kit that is full of superfluous Punch-Out!! merchandise.  $35 gets you the following:

  • King Hippo Crown Replica
  • King Hippo Desktop Punching Bag
  • King Hippo Boxer Shorts (Size: Large)
  • Doc Louis Remedy Chocolate Bar
  • Kit does not include Punch-Out!! the game. Game sold separately.

It comes with the shorts and the crown?  You know, I have a wound that I need to keep bandaged in the same place as King Hippo's legendary weak spot.  If I buy this kit, gain some weight, shave my head, and become very ugly, I could be the ultimate authentic King Hippo lookalike.

(via Kombo)