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Marvel vs Capcom 2UPDATE: A PS3 remote control makes this situation a bit more tolerable. 

Coming out of nowhere, a free demo of the freshly announced Marvel vs Capcom 2 has landed on the Sony PlayStation Network today as foretold by the ancient prophecy.  As you'll recall, the demo offers local multiplayer with six playable characters.  Sounds great, right?  The other shoe dropped when I downloaded the demo and found that two people are required if one wants to play along with two controllers.  That means there are no human vs CPU capabilities, nor can one use a single controller swapped between the Player 1 and Player 2 characters to set up a human vs defenseless punching bag match just to see how the game looks in its revived form, either.  This really sours the demo experience, right?  Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to grouse about this without sounding whiny, cheap, or greedy.  It's a free demo, after all.  It's not supposed to be full-featured or 100% complete.  How can I complain about the demo's crippled state when, well, it's supposed to be crippled?  So while I may not be happy about how this demo of Marvel vs Capcom 2 has worked out, you won't find me saying so in print.  The menus certainly look nice though.