Kombo Breaker - Episode 23: We're the Ones Being Interviewed?

Ghostbusters Video Round-up

Peter VenkmanWith Ghostbusters: The Video Game only two months away, Atari is starting to turn up the heat on promotional videos and other marketing 'stuff' in order to raise awareness of the game.  A handful of new footage of the game in action has made its way online in which we see much more of the Nintendo Wii version of the game, but also bits of the fight against the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 iterations.  Kombo has all of the clips, but I'll share this particular one with you right here.  Prepare yourself for Peter Banks, Atari's Product Marketing Manager and his little presentation about what we can expect when the slime starts to rise.

Intriguing, yes?  Although, I have to admit that whenever I could hear characters in the game speaking behind the marketing pitch, I found myself wishing that Peter would stop talking so I could hear some of the banter.  Yes, yes, proton packs, very nice, but what's Bill Murray saying there in the background?  Then again, this kind of promotional push is probably necessary these days.  A few days ago I had to have an outpatient medical procedure done and while I was waiting for the valium to kick in, I ended up talking about my gaming work which somehow led us on to the topic of the Ghostbusters game.  As it turns out, she and her (now adult) sons loved Ghostbusters back in the day, but had no idea there was a new game in the works.  Now that she's aware of it, she wants to know all there is to know.  So that's at least one additional purchase.  You're welcome, Atari.