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Ghostbusters Slimer Edition Update

SlimerAfter dealing with sticker shock regarding the $129.99 / $109.99 special Slimer Edition of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, some new information about the bonus collectibles has become available.  Remember that Slimer bust?  It's 10.5" tall and is a transparent cast clear on the familiar "no ghosts" logo base.  At that size, it would make for a nice display piece.  The Ecto-1 keychain apparently plays the familiar Ray Parker Jr. theme song.  Then there's the Minimate figurines that represent some of the new ghosts found in the video game.  Say hello to The Architect, Black Slime Monster, Chef, and Azetlo.

So, now that we have that cleared up, do these new details make the Slimer Edition worth the price?  The bust really interests me and I would love to add something Ghostbusters-related to my display collection.  The Minimates still aren't doing much for me, but I believe that's because they lack an element of nostalgia. Slimer though... I'm sold.  How about all of you out there?  Does this change your mind about the Slimer Edition's worth?

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