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Ghostbusters Opening Cinematic Is Promising

Ghostbusters: The Video Game More and more Ghostbusters: The Video Game media is beginning to trickle out to the Internet, and this morning came the official release of the opening cinematic scene that sets up the game's story.  Watch as someone does something she  probably shouldn't in the Gozer museum exhibit, seemingly releasing a supernatural force across the city as the familiar theme song kicks up, taking us into the opening credits with the Ecto-1B.  See for yourself via GameTrailers.

I like how well this scene mirrors the structure of the opening of both Ghostbusters films in that a paranormal event leads into the theme song and appearance of the "no ghosts" logo as well as the idea that even after several years of producing their own television commercials, the Ghostbusters are still wooden and awkward on camera.  And if I may let my inner fanboy peek out for a moment, I have to admit that I did get a chill when the museum guard shined his flashlight on the GOZER sign at the museum exhibit.  I can't get my hands on this game soon enough.