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Game Boy Twentieth Anniversary Round-up

MattG's Game Boy1UP's Retro Gaming Blog is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the original Nintendo Game Boy this week with a series of personal reflection articles that are soaked in nostalgia and warm fuzzy memories.  Longtime PTB readers know that I love that sort of game-related writing, as everybody has their own unique story to tell.  Do yourself a favor and read through the 1UP crew's happy recollections and rediscoveries.

And as long as I'm pointing you at Game Boy love, let me direct you to an article I wrote for GameCube Advanced nearly five years ago in which I dig into the little system's library and hold up the ten best and five worst games in Game Boy history based on my own experiences.  It's Game Boy: Best of the Best.  There's also a piece I wrote about the bulletproof case that my father turned into a fantastic complete one-of-a-kind Game Boy carrying case.  It's part of the A Boy's Memories roundtable discussion also from the old GameCube Advanced days.  Then there's The Handheld Games of Summer in which I reminisce about the annual tradition of choosing a new Game Boy game to accompany me in the backseat of the car during childhood family road trips.  Finally, there's the Secret Origin tale of the day I bought Gremlins 2: The New Batch and faced a difficult decision.  I loved that little gray Nintendo brick as a kid and young teen, wonky Light Boy magnifier peripheral and all.  I only wish it still worked as well today as the day I first slipped Super Mario Land into it in 1989.  The LCD screen suffers from an excess of vertical columns of dark dead pixels that make gameplay a crushingly difficult task.  Nevertheless, there's no way that I'm giving it up or disposing of it.  That Game Boy has been to more places than some people ever have.