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Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition The next time you gather friends for an evening of Nintendo-themed board games there's an additional option beyond the popular Nintendo Monopoly.  The Mushroom Kingdom is going to the world of chess with sets featuring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Birdo, Goombas, and other beloved characters.  USAopoly (the same company behind Nintendo Monopoly) is handling this licensed product.  Here's a brief blurb about Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition:

The 1st-ever Nintendo-authorized chess game… starring the most popular Super Mariocharacters! Packaged in a cool collector's tin, this super-special set features 32 colorfully detailed pieces, including Mario (king), Luigi (queen), Princess Peach (bishop), Princess Daisy (bishop), Yoshi (knight), Toad (rook), Coin (pawn), Bowser (king), Bowser Jr. (queen), Magikoopa (bishop), Birdo (knight), Goomba (rook), and Koopa Shell (pawn). Unbelievable!

It's cute, but some of the character assignments are curious.  Goombas are the ultimate pawns in the Koopa Troop, and yet they aren't actual pawns here.  Coins aren't a character at all, while Toad isn't a strong enough character to be a rook.  Princess Peach is a bishop, but Luigi is the queen?  And where's Wario?  This chess set is a great idea, but it's only about 85% "there", as it were.  Still, I like the overall idea behind this and am glad to see it in the works.  If Sonic the Hedgehog is worthy of a chess set, then everyone's favorite plumber is certainly due for an honor of his own.

(via Kombo)