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Weekly Poll: Pages Of Untold History

Weekly Poll for 3-23-2009Last week's revelation about downloadable Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games for the new Nintendo DSi did little to sway most of you about purchasing one, but some of you were won over by the news.  As for me, I'm still on the fence about buying one.  I like the idea of being able to store multiple games on a SD card instead of having to keep track of loose game paks when I travel, but I'd have to buy all of the games I already own in the new format.  I just can't justify that $200 price (DSi price plus the cost of a few downloadable games) in the name of convenience.  The DSi's cameras and limited music playback abilities aren't doing anything for me either, although I do like the better screens.  As long as my original 2004-era DS works properly, I don't see myself upgrading to the DSi without a must-own DSi-only game drawing me in.

Speaking of new and old consoles, at last week's Game Developers Conference, Nintendo design director Masato Kuwahara showed off a few prototypes of hardware that would go on to become the backbones of the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS's touchscreen.  Like I said at the time, I love hearing about these predecessors and would eagerly read a book that details some of these rarely seen pieces of technology.  How about you?  Would you read a book about video game console predecessors and prototypes?  Let's hear your thoughts.